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Sales Manager

Working location: China/shenzhen
Job scope:
1, lead the foreign trade team, actively explore the international market, contact with foreign clients, seek order, and lead business negotiation and signing the contract.
2, responsible for foreign trade negotiations and signing of the order, document review, order management, transportation, customs declaration, specified, etc.
3, responsible for the evaluation of the foreign trade order, tracking, management and risk control.
4, responsible for foreign trade business process management and risk control.
5, responsible for the order of production and supply of goods, goods inspection, commodity inspection, customs declaration and so on in the process of tracking, timely deal with the problems of each link.
6, responsible for customer information, timely feedback and deal with customer's requirement.
7, responsible for the contract properly deal with emergency accidents in the process of implementation.
8, be responsible for the subordinate salesman training and guidance. Opportunities:
1) after induction, the company has a certain customer resource allocation;
2) a year to participate in Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas exhibition opportunities;
3) the company annually into global sources six-star 2 promotion website, alibaba and made in China website promotion website, etc
4) good salary: basic salary + commission + excess commission + various bonuses;
Entry requirements:
1) three years or above related working experience of foreign trade, familiar with vehicle digital products, consumer electronics related channels and network sales experience is preferred;
2) proficient in foreign trade export process, familiar with alibaba, global sources such as B2B platform operation experience, proficient in handling of customer enquiries and quotation, familiar with foreign trade documents and shipping process;
3) good English, especially oral English good, can communicate with the customer alone;
4) attitude positive, good at communication with customers and have a strong sense of sales and services;
5) strong communication ability and team work spirit, high sense of responsibility and bear hardships and stand hard work spirit.
6) has a good strategic planning, overall analysis ability, has the independent business negotiation ability, good communication and coordination ability, learning ability and strong adaptability;

Since the factory, the young aggressive team, has its own research and development design team, welcome to sales have unique insights, skillfully master all kinds of web development skills, passionate, visionary sales people to join!

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